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Becoming the leading entrepreneurial technical university.

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Able to produce enterprising global technopreneurs.

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In order to achieve UniKL’s vision of becoming the leading entrepreneurial technical university, knowledgeable academician is essential in creating a common purpose for all entrepreneurial elements including Business Startup, Business Expand, Marketing Consultation and Digital Training that are planned, developed and carried out in the respective university.






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In order to achieve UniKL’s vision of becoming the leading entrepreneurial technical university, knowledgeable academician is essential in creating a common purpose for all entrepreneurial elements including Business Startup, Business Expand, Marketing Consultation and Digital Training that are planned, developed and carried out in the respective university.

Teknoputra is a Centre of Excellence for Technoprenuer in UniKL. In line with the Vision & Mission of MARA and UniKL, the Centre is involved in human capital development through an awareness and development activity from new students until they graduated; entrepreneurship consultancy and training; with support from social entrepreneurship projects and innovation in formal dan informal educational at UniKL.

We look forward to welcoming you to our centre as prospective students, alumni and entrepreneur collaborators. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information regarding our section.


a) Introduction To Entrepreneurship (2 Credits)

Course Synopsis: The module will enhance student’s knowledge and skills in business planning, financial management, business operations and marketing. The focus will be on attributes of entrepreneurs, searching for viable opportunities, taking into considerations the trends and new challenges in the business world; and gathering the resources necessary to convert a viable opportunity into a successful business.

Course Learning Outcomes:

  1. Describe entrepreneurship values and culture (C2);
  2. Demonstrate the ability to assess business environment (C3);
  3. Identify entrepreneurship opportunities and explain the process in starting up a business (C2);
  4. Develop a business idea and participate in entrepreneurship activities (C6).

b) Technopreneursip (3 Credits)

Course Synopsis: Teaching and learning will be via lecture, tutorial, and discussion. Students are also required to do their own self-study through guided business plan. Students will be evaluated with test, entrepreneurship activities, and business plan.

Course Learning Outcomes:

  1. Describe business environment and management within the scope of the course (C2);
  2. Estimate operation capacity and material requirement planning (C4);
  3. Prepare sale forecast and financial projection statement (C3);
  4. Develop a viable business plan and be involved in entrepreneurship activities (C6, ES).

c) Innovation Management (2 Credits)

Course Synopsis: The concept of innovation as a management discipline focuses on achieving the organizational vision. It searches for unique opportunities in determining whether they fit the organizational strategic direction. The process involves evaluating opportunities and their rate of success.

Course Learning Outcomes:

  1. Identify the importance of innovation in organisation (C3);
  2. Analyse the different types of innovation, products classes and the impact to the industry (C4);
  3. Distinguish the steps in the innovation process (C3);
  4. Classify the key challenges to innovation (C4, ES);
  5. Develop a viable innovative project (C5, CTPS).


a) MIMET Biz Center (Inkubator Keusahawanan MARA Negeri Perak)

We assist a new entrepreneurs or companies to business startup activities by providing rental in office space with facilities and other support services. Collaboration with MARA and UniKL MIMET intends to create an advanced and competitive in ‘top entrepreneur’ at global.

b) Business Coaching

We provide a comprehensive module and coaching to help you start or expand your business.

c) Information Centre

We are a ONE-STOP center for all entrepreneurship information in UniKL.

d) Network Platform

Engage with entrepreneurship agencies and entrepreneurs through the platform provided.


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Lecturers' Expertise

  • Business Training & Consultation
  • Business Start Up
  • Business Expand
  • Business Engagement


  • Rafa Fragrance Sdn Bhd by Farah Amani Binti Basharuddin (2010: DSD / 2013: BNASB)
  • Razdavalka Resources by Ahmad Azri Bin Deris (2010: DSD / 2013: BNASB)
  • Mako Marine  by Ahmad Rizwan Bin Taharudin (2013: BNASB)
  • Blackpearl Subsea Service by Muhammad Fajrul Omar Bin Muhamad Ridzuan (DMEE)
  • Great Ocean Supply & Service Sdn Bhd by Adam Bin Ahmad (BNASB)
  • Aaira Marine Consultants & Services Sdn Bhd by Mohd Amirrudin Bin Mohd Zainudin (BNASB)
  • KNS Creative Sdn Bhd by Amir Nabil Bin Khalid (BNASB)
  • Sate Opah Enterprise by Mohd Faez Shukri Bin Sallahudin (BMO)
  • Soru Group Sdn Bhd by Muhammad Faisal Bin Ramli (DSC)
  • Scuba Buddy Sipadan by Qawiem Bin Noor Azli (BNASB)

Career Path

  • Funder / Owner in Legal Company
  • Mentor in Business Start Up
  • Listed Company in Bursa Malaysia


UniKL students who are highly motivated, charismatic, able to sustain in the highly competitive market, able to keep up with the latest technology and capable in operating and managing a business entity successfully at local and global markets while studying in UniKL until graduating.

In order to achieve UniKL’s vision of becoming the leading entrepreneurial technical university, collaboration between Teknoputra, Academicians and Students Development & Campus Lifestyle department (SDCL) is crucial in creating a fun and educational activities. All entrepreneurial elements are able to be planned, developed and carried out in the university environment efficiently.


Teknoputra has introduced various programs and activities to enliven the entrepreneurial activities in UniKL.


Anugerah Belia Negara 2019

Lumrah manusia impikan kejayaan dalam bidang yang diceburi, namun jalan untuk berjaya atau tidak, dua-dua ada risiko, bezanya pilihan dan kemahuan kita sendiri.


Dailami Daniel Bin Mat Nor

Bachelor of Engineering Technology (Hons) in Naval Architecture & Shipbuilding. Graduate: 2014

Owner / Founder: Elriana Legacy (M) Sdn. Bhd. (1278058-U)




2019 – Anugerah Perdana Belia Negara

2017 – Tun Rahah Scholarship Award

2017 – 1Met Top Entrepreneur

2016 – Anugerah Nadi Negara

2015 – The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award for Young Peoples


Fajrul 1

Being the ambassador of UniKL MIMET 2018 as I am a marine scholar who is doing the marine related business, provides me an opportunity to share regarding my career and business experiences with all the students.

I am proud to be the alumni of UniKL MIMET and fully sponsored by Mara since studying until commencing my business.

Muhammad Fajrul Omar Bin Muhamad Ridzuan

Owner / Founder: Blackpearl Subsea Service (003047484-U) & Blackpearl Diveteam (002493322-M)  

UniKL alumni opened my eyes to venture into business based on their testimonials. UniKL has also, opened up opportunities for me to share about my career as well as my business with all the students after venturing into the business field.

Rule to be Millionaire, put Allah #No1.

Farah Amani Binti Basharuddin

Owner / Founder: Rafaaly Group International Sdn. Bhd. (1191936-W)



I am a product of UniKL MIMET and MARA education assistance. Now, I am an entrepreneur in the field of agro-tech and I feel honored to be the UniKL MIMET and USAHAWANMARA alumni.

You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.

Muhammad Ikhwan Afif Bin Ahmad Nazer

Owner / Founder: IAR Agro Sdn. Bhd. (1377069-W) & Ikhwan Afif Resources (IP0497112-M)

Incubator Pioneer of UniKL MIMET

I was a student of UniKL MIMET from 2007 to 2013. UniKL MIMET is a university that encourages students to venture into business. Various entrepreneurial programs have been structured as a whole to cultivate the interest of students to be dynamic in the business field.

The scenario in the campus itself is very encouraging towards the development of entrepreneur.

Ahmad Azri Bin Deris

Owner / Founder: Razdavalka Resources (KT0413101-W)

Azri Deris


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