“The Centre of Excellent for Asia Marine Design”

Asia Marine Design Center (AMDeC) established to deliver design science to encompass the entire spectrum of the maritime industry. AMDeC was formed to be an epicenter of design capability that would innovate and spur all maritime industry clusters.

One of the key strategies to intensify the national SBSR industry is ‘applying local design and adopting new SBSR technologies’. Currently, most of the vessel designs used for new builds in Malaysia is imported from other countries leaving the local design industry in constant infancy. Design involving the skilled integration of knowledge, intelligence and resources to deliver effective solutions, which meet the existing and future requirements of consumers, industry and the national interest, is not currently given a significant priority.

The establishment of the Asia Marine Design Centre (AMDeC) is to develop fundamental knowledge in relevant sciences and technology in the maritime industry especially ship building, to develop local design capability involving ships and marine platforms, to develop local support industries through the application of local design demand, to generate highly skilled human capital, to develop design branding for specialized craft and to impact the global world through international technology and environmental forum.

AMDeC initiative is to develop the future strength and competitiveness of the maritime industry.  With the purpose of developing and enhancing national marine design capability.The objectives of its establishment is to provide a high level of design activities from conceptual to production in collaboration with existing local design houses. This will enhanced industry competitiveness at the regional and international market while also ensuring a sustainable marine industry.

The Asia Marine Design Center capitalizes on the existence of MARA’s UniKL’s Marine Institute of Marine Engineering and Technology (MIMET) which houses a pool of qualified human resource ranging from the blue collar specialists to the highly qualified engineers and academics and substantial shipbuilding facilities available. The marine design center is thus a strategic focus of MIMET that consolidates the wide range of available expertise to be the fundamental strong back for the basis of a competitive maritime industry.

UniKL’s AMDeC is currently operating as join collaboration with technology depository agency (TDA) concentrating on the core areas of ship design. This will enable AMDeC to build a strong foundation of knowledge and experience in ship design that would be a strong foundation for  the development of a competitive ship building and ship repair industry.


Design is critical on the national agenda of many countries and is important for national competitiveness:

    1. Driving the innovation process and hence industry competitiveness.
    1. Contributing to the level of creativity, cultural buzz & attractiveness of a place for global talent.
    1. Strengthening the marketing & unique “branding” of a country, on its products & services, to the world.
  1. Developing SME’s in producing parts & components & high end engineering services.


Development of AMDeC aligns with:

  1. Malaysian Shipbuilding/ Ship Repair Industry Strategic Plan 2020 (Action item #1.2)
  2. Industrial Collaboration Progam Strategy Document (ISD) for Maritime (Shipbuilding / Ship Repair)
  3. National Symposium on Marine Technology (NSMT)


    1. A center of reference with authority that caters for the national needs of technology development, technology depository and technology application in the fields of marine engineering and technology.
  1. AMDeC was initiated through ICP project under obligation by Destini Bhd for the acquisition of 3 units Offshore Patrol Vessels for APMM.

The members of public and interested organisations are welcome to visit Asia Marine Design Centre  and its facilities from Monday to Friday during working hours.

For further inquiry on short courses, academic programmes and facilities visit, you may contact:

IR. Ahmad Fuaad Ahmad Sabki– Head, Asia Marine Design Centre (ahmadfuaad@unikl.edu.my)


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