Nazliah Mohd Ali

Nazliah Mohd Ali


Mrs. Nazliah binti Mohd Ali is a lecturer with the Technical Foundation Section at Universiti Kuala Lumpur Malaysin Institute of Marine Engineering Technology (UniKL MIMET), Malaysia.

She received the (Hons) degree in Statistics from Universiti Teknology Mara and in Statistics from Universiti Sains Malaysia.

Mrs. Nazliah binti Mohd Ali is an established teacher and researcher in applied statistics and applied mathematics. Her research interests include chaos theory, dynamical system and time series analysis. She is a lecturer who have a teaching permit to teach marine department and technology students and appointed as a member of UniKL mathematics central committee (MCC).

 Specific Research Interests

  1. Chaos Theory
  2. Dynamical Systems
  3. Time series Analysis
  4. Applied Statistics
  5. Applied Mathematics


  1. Nazliah Mohd Ali, Nazwan Izzuddin Aminuddin (2017). Simulation of Testing the Convergence of Inflation Rates: A comparison Between Two ASEAN Economies. Marine Frontier Journal, volume 8 edition 1 2017.
  2. Ismail Study on UniKL MIMET’s Students (Bachelor) on Mathematics Achievements.Marine Frontier Journal, volume 7 edition 2 2016.
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Other Skills and Expertise

  1. Pedagogical skills in teaching –outcome- based learning, assessment and evaluation, microteaching
  2. Training Course for Instructors IMO Model Course 6.09.
  3. Training Course for Instructors IMO Model Course 3.02




(1) Ahmad Rithuan bin Ahmad Asri The Application of Chaotic Approach for Malaysian Sea Level
(2) Nur Aqilah Nabila Huda binti Rashidi The Application of Chaotic Approach for Malaysian Sea Level
(3) Muhammad Amirul Azree bin Ad Noor Time Series Analysis on Malaysian Sea Level : A case study of Sabah


(1) Nazwan Izzuddin bin Aminuddin Simulation of Testing Convergence of Inflation Rates : A Comparison between Two Asian Economies