Faisal Ikram Abd Samad

Faisal Ikram Abd Samad

Sr. Lecturer

Faisal Ikram bin Abd Samad is presently a Senior Lecturer at UniKL MIMET. He had been lecturing in UniKL MIMET since 2006 in the areas of Naval Architecture and Computer Aided Ship Design (CASD) subjects. His research interests include ship hydrodynamics, ship hullform modelling, ship vibrations as well as computational fluid dynamics (CFD).

Faisal Ikram Abd Samad is currently a Senior Lecturer at Universiti Kuala Lumpur, Malaysian Institute of Marine Engineering Technology (UniKL MIMET). He is a registered Engineer by the Institution of Engineers, Malaysia and is a registered Chartered Marine Engineer by the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology, UK (CMarEng); a registered Chartered Engineer by the Engineering Council, UK (CEng). He has graduated with a B.Eng. (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering from Kolej Universiti Teknologi Tun Husseion Onn (KUiTTHO) in 2003. After graduated, he joined Embah Engineering Sdn Bhd a company specialized in Oil, Gas and Petro Chemical Contractor as a Project Engineer. He then joined PSC Naval Dockyard Sdn Bhd (now known as Boustead Naval Shipyard Sdn Bhd) at Lumut Perak as a Technical Executive and involved with the construction of new patrol vessels of MEKO design for the Royal Malaysian Navy in Production Division. During his service at PSC, he has also involved with the construction of 8 RTG Cranes for Penang Port Sdn Bhd as a Project Engineer. In 2006, he then joined UniKL MIMET as an Instructor and continued his lecture career in UniKL MIMET until present.



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Undergraduates –


  1. Prediction of Engine Power for Small Fishing Boat Using Statistical Approach
  2. Comparative Studies of weight of the Hull on Fibre Reinforced Plastic Fishing Boat with Less than 12 meter
  3. Preliminary Design of New Model Passenger Ferry as Transportation to Pulau Langkawi
  4. A Study of Luggage Handling System for Passenger Ferry at Jetty Kuala Perlis and Pulau Langkawi
  5. Development of Wind Pump Technology Using Centrifugal Pump
  6. Development of Automatic Ship Motion Analysis Using MATLAB
  7. Seakeeping Analysis by Using Develop Computer Programme
  8. Manoeuvring Analysis on Free Running Scaled RC Model on 60M Multi-Purpose Offshore Support Vessel (MPOSV)
  9. Design and Development of Windmill for Water Pumping System
  10. Preliminary Design of Fuel Cells Propulsion, a 3 Meter Boat
  11. Preliminary Design of 40 Meter Fast Crew Boat
  12. Preliminary Design of 60 Meter Multi-Purpose Offshore Supply Vessel (MPOSV)
  13. Numerical Hydrodynamic Analysis on 11.01 meter Pilot Boat Experiencing Beam Seas
  14. Wave Force Analysis on 11.01m Interceptor using Strip Theory
  15. Numerical Hydrodynamic Analysis on 11.01m Interceptor Experiencing Head Seas.
  16. Numerical Hydrodynamic Analysis for Spar Platform Using Froude Krylov Theory
  17. Wave Force Analysis on Spar Platform Using Froude Krylov Theory
  18. Manoeuvring Performance Using Develop Computer Programme
  19. Evaluation of Directional Stability Analysis for 120M Tanker Model Using Develop Computer Programme
  20. The Development of Remote Controlled Free Running Scaled Model and Ship Path Tracking System for Ship Manoeuvring Prediction
  21. Preliminary Design of Fuel Cells Propulsion A 10 meter Boat
  22. Catenary Mooring System Analysis Using Combination of Steel and Polyester Lines


  1. Development of Cooling System for BUKH 17.6kW Diesel Engine
  2. Hydraulic Ram for Rudder System
  3. Cargo Hatch
  4. Water Bike
  5. 1 Ton Small Lifting Crane