Asmawi Abdul Malik

Asmawi Abdul Malik

Senior Lecturer

Mr Asmawi Abdul Malik is a Senior Lecturer in the Marine Construction and Maintenance Technology at Universiti Kuala Lumpur Malaysian Institute of Marine Engineering Technology. She received a Master Engineering in Marine Technology from the Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. He has wide experience in shipbuilding and boat building industry dealing with wide range of ship boat types and services. Strong track record of construction new building projects especially racing cruiser, yacht development, boat construction right from lofting – structure member’s development – erection process – fittings – painting - launching at Hick Marine Pty. Ltd, Australia and Universiti Kuala Lumpur. Highly adaptable and effective team leader as well as excellent team player. Possessed an extended knowledge in multi engineering disciplines associated with floating structure, shipbuilding and boatbuilding such as materials, strength, basic design process, system etc. Familiar with classification society rules, regulations and standards i.e. SOLAS, MARPOL and many more.

Mr. Asmawi bin Abdul Malik is an established trainer and researcher in composite and timber boat building. His research interests include floating structure and boating technology. He actively participated in new boatbuilding projects.

SPECIFIC research interests

  1. Plate theory and strength
  2. Composite lamination theory and strength


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  2. Mega Floats: Floating Offshore Remote Terminal (FORT) Towards Sustainability Life Cycle Assessment, Applied Mechanics and Materials Vol. 815 (2015) pp 332-337 Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland, 10.4028/

Other skills and expertise

  1. Notes Mapping
  2. Composite fire retardance