Abu Bakar Abdullah

Abu Bakar Abdullah


Abu Bakar Bin Abdullah is a Lecture, Teknoputra Development Section at Universiti Kuala Lumpur Malaysian Institute of Marine Engineering Technology (UniKL MIMET), Malaysia.

Abu Bakar Bin Abdullah is a Lecturer with (Teknoputra Development) International, Industrial & Institutional Partnership (IIIP) Malaysian Institue of Marine Engineering Technology , Universiti Kuala Lumpur . He received his training in Heavy Metal Fabrication at Letchworth Instructor Training College, Hertfordshire, England in 1975 under Colombo Plan Scholarship, An Associate Member of The Welding Institute of United Kingdom since 1975. In 1979 he received training in Marine Welding and Shipbuilding under (JICA) Japan International Cooperation Agency at Sumitomo Shipyard, Yokosuka Japan.

He received his Masters of Business Administration (MBA) specialising in Entrepreneurship from Asia-e- University Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2011. He was attached as Welding Engineer at MMHE Shipbuilding Division in Pasir Gudang. Johor.

In 1984 he became an entrepreneur and started his  own company dealing in Heavy  Metal Fabrication works in  Johor and was the  Mananging Director of Kursani Engineering Sdn Bhd till 1998.From 1999 till 2004 he was a project manager in petrol chemical plants construction projects, job location MLNG Petronas  Bintulu  Sarawak, and Flexsys Chemical (M) Sdn Bhd, BASF Petronas site at Gebeng Kuantan and Akso Nobel Pte Ltd Jurong Island Singapore.

He started his teaching career at UniKL MIMET in November, 2005 till present.

My interest is primarily in entrepreneurship training for start up in Metal Fabrication industry in Malaysia and teaching entrepreneurship subjects and related subjects include Export and Import.

Research Area

  1. Entrepreneurship Training
  2. Heavy metal Fabrication Entrepreneurship
  3. Shipbuilding

Professional Certificate

  1. Train The Trainer –HRDF (Pembangunan Sumber Manusia)
  2. Train The Trainer  My Pec Malaysia
  3. Accredited Trainer for Hull Inspection IACS standard –AMIM
  4. TOT Asas Keusahawanan Siswa UTM-INSKEN

Other Skills and Expertise

  1. Pedagogical skills in teaching – outcome-based learning, assessment and evaluation, microteaching.


 Undergraduates – Bachelor


1.      Nur Nazira Natasha Binti Mohd Nayan The Consumer Perspective of Online Business in Manjung, Perak
2.      Fatin Nur Aliah Binti Shamsul Hisham The Success of Entrepreneurs in The Tourism At Lumut Perak
3.      Nur Syafiqah Binti Abu Bakar Perception of Business Management of Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) at 2 Districts in Perak.
4.      Siti Robiatul Adawiyah Binti Mohd Roslam The Study of the Relationship Between Kaizen Implementation and Logistics Operation Performance in an  Oil and Gas Company
5.      Muhammed Fareez Bin Ahmad Shafie The use of Electronic Bill of Lading in the Shipping Industry -A Case Study


1.      Mohammad Luqman Al-Hafiz Bin Mohammad Khairul Anuar The Public Acceptance of Upgrading Water Jet System for Fishing Boats in Pangkor Island
2.      Nur Salehah Binti Mohd  Shakawi Level of Business Management of Bumiputra Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) Food manufacturing Entrepreneurs at 3 Districts in Perak
3.      Mohd Fauzy Bin Ramley The study of Buying Online Among Teenagers in Manjung Perak
4.      Shahrul Faris Bin Ahmad Fauzi A research on line purchasing Behaviour among male Students in UniKL MIMET
5.      Muhammad Amri Bin Omar The Impact of Green Marketing on Consumer Buying Behaviour In Major Supermarkets in Manjung Perak.


1.      Mohd Hafizzuddin Ashrawi Bin Mohd Fudzi Imbalance Gender in Heavy Industries at Shipbuilding Place Boustead Naval Shipyard (BNS) Lumut Perak


1.      Mohd Syahir Bin Abu Jamil Impact of Entrepreneurship Education on Personnel Development -Case Study at UniKL MIMET
2.      Muhammad Noor Bin Haron The Perception Towards Entrepreneurship as a Career Among UniKL MIMET students


1.      Wan Muhammad Faisalludin Bin Wan Azeland The Study of safety Rules and regulations Implemented at Grade One Marine Shipyard
2.      Muhamad Faizal Bin Azis The Study of Safety Rules and regulations on Fire Protection at Grade One marine Shipyard  Lumut Perak

Undergraduates – Diploma


1.      Muhammad Azinuddin Bin Ali Project Engineering Addition of Toilet and sewage system for 11 metre Aluminium Rigid inflatable Boat RIB Petrol Boat
1.      Hairul Nazreen Bin


2.      Ravinder Singh A/L Hari Singh

3.      Izzat Aiman Bin Muhammad Shukri

Construction of A 10 Feet Boat Cradle for A 19 feet  Fishing Boat
1.      Ahmad Salman bin Ahmad Suhaimi

2.      Muhammad Faridzul Bin Ali

3.      Mohd Hafizzudin Ashrawi Bin Mohd Fudzi

Construction of a 343 Litre Storage Tank


1.      Muhammad Naemuddin Kamaruzaman

2.      Mohamad Firdaus Bin

Mohd Lana

Construction of Adjustable and Portable Boat Stand
1.      Muhammad Safwan Zainal Abidin

2.      Mohd Lokman Bin Talib

Design of Adjustable and Portable Boat Stand
1.      Sabtu Zon A/L Long

2.      Muhammad Qeis Fikry Bin Mohd Tarmizi

Design Portable Jib Crane


1.      Jannel Naim  Bin Zainuddin

2.      Muhammad Ibnul Shafarudin

3.      Safwan Bin Noh

To Write and Develop a complete Welding Procedure (WPS) for  Welding Mild Steel Plate 20MM
1.      Ahmad  Fahami Bin Nayan

2.      Mohd Syahir Bin Md Noor

Construction of Portable JIB Crane
1.      Hidzir Bin Mustafa

2.      Mohd Khaidir Bin Musa

3.      Hairul Azmi Bin Mohamed

Construct a Oxy Acetylene Flange Cutting Machine
1.      Mohd Hafis Bin Abu Bakar

2.      Mohd Riduan Bin Yahya

3.      Muhammad Afif Zairun

Bend Test  Jig for Weld Testing and Inspection