Ship Hull New Construction and Repair in relation to IACS and SCS rules and Quality Standard

A vast introductory knowledge on shipbuilding activities and standard required set by IACS and SCS rules.

This course gives exposure on the shipbuilding quality standard used by IACS/ classification societies and provides the knowledge on the hull construction requirements particularly on inspection and typical examples of different types of structural and weld defects, the standard, limits, the acceptance criteria, remedial methods especially for new construction.

Course objective:

At the end of the session, the participants will be able to:

  • Understand safety requirements at the shipyard
  • Explain basic elements of quality in shipbuilding
  • Identify various basic hull structural features, its components and type of materials used
  • Recognize a typical ship construction process
  • Identify IACS REC 47 shipbuilding quality standard as guidelines and requirements on hull structural and welding preparation and workmanship quality – standard range, acceptance limit, defects and the remedial works based on typical examples
  • Identify some important welding processes, welding variables, welding procedures, welding standards and other factors in relation to the structural welded joints applicable in shipbuilding
  • Recognize NDT and DT for welding examination and assessment, categories and acceptance level of welding imperfections, defects and remedial methods in accordance to certain standards
  • Understand the basics of drawing reading commonly used in the commercial shipbuilding industry.

Target audience:

  1. Shipyard personnel involved in shipbuilding activities
  2. Marine support services
  3. Port operators
  4. Classification societies personnel
  5. Fiberglass technology
  6. Academician
  7. Researchers
  8. Fresh graduates


  • Workshop & laboratory

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