Loan / Sponsorship 

UniKL MIMET will assist students in applying for financial aids, sponsorships and educational loans for their studies from various sources including PTPTN, MARA, JPA, state foundations, and corporate companies. Further enquiries on financial aids can be directed to Welfare Unit , Campus Lifestyle Section   

List of Financial Aid / Sponsorship 




Agensi  Cara Pemohonan 
Baitumal MAWIP (Majlis Agam Islam Wilayah Persekutuan) 

Baitulmal MAIJ (Majlis Agama Islam 


Bantuan Zakat selangor 
Majlis Islam Sarawak 
Bantuan Zakat Sabah 
Baitulmal MAIK 

(Majlis Agama Islam Kelantan) 

Muat turun borang bantuan di laman 


Student Welfare Fund (SWF) & ZAKAT 


  1. To provide financial assistance and welfare for all UniKL students 
  2. To provide support for student who receive “out patient cases” at the government and private clinic / hospital 
  3. To provide khairat contribution  
  4. To provide loan for needy student or any financial assistance during emergency cases 
  5. To channel Zakat contribution from individuals, institution, corporate body to eligible students. 



Scope of SWF assistance: 

  1. Khairat Contribution 
  2. Financial Assistance (Loan) 
  3. Natural Disaster 
  4. Out Patient  
  5. Hospitalization  

Some of activities, handover of SWF contribution to eligible students. (Refer photo)   




  1. The criteria or requirements for UniKL MIMET student in receiving zakat should be in light of eight (8) asnaf mentioned in the Qur’an. 
  2. The form will be distributed to qualified students. This will ensure the zakat fund is properly and fairly distributed to the most needed students who are less fortunate. 
  3. All applications will be screened and short listed by Campus Lifestyle Section base on the requirements before presenting it to the Zakat Selection Committee for selection. 
  4. The amount of zakat for each applicant will be determine and decided base on fund availability and number of applicants. 
  5. The success applicants can only receive the zakat fund once a year. However, they need to reapply for future application if necessary.


For further info, please contact: 


Welfare Unit, Campus Lifestyle Section 


Tel       : 05-6909114 / 05-6909113