Mdm. Saramurni Haryanti Binti Abdul Hamid

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Mr. Rahmat bin Abdul Rahman

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The Counseling and Career Guidnace Unit, managed by Student Development Section headed by two (2) counsellors certified by Malaysian Board of Counsellors who play a significant role in assisting students by providing professional advice. The centre also provides career advice and collaborates with the industries to organize career talk a year to assist graduates and student in seeking employment. Counselling services provided are free, held in confidence to students through a professional setting for emotional and developmental support. The counselling services operate under the guidelines set out in the Code of Ethics and Practice as defined by the Malaysian Board of Counsellors. The Code provides the professional standard by which the service is delivered and managed.

Counselling services is available in both individual and group sessions. Led by two registered counsellors, Mrs. Saramurni Haryanti binti Abdul Hamid, Master in Counseling from UPSI and Mr. Rahmat bin Abdul Rahman, Degree in Counseling from UUM. The service is available to assist you on any issues of concern in a relaxed and non-judgmental setting. The problems that students usually experience are study difficulties, homesickness, addictive behavior and others. Some problems can be sorted out within a session, while others may require longer counselling sessions. Seeking help is always the first step in solving any problem. Feel free to meet us!

The counsellors offer a wide range of services to support the lecturers, staff and students of the university. These services include:

  • Individual & Group Counselling
  • Therapy Groups
  • Career and Personal Development Programmes
  • Training and Consultation
  • Talk or Motivational Workshop
  • Academic Counselling

Career and Personal Development Programmes