ID Course Name Duration
Basic Motorboat and Engine Maintenance 3 days
Basic of Naval Architecture 3 days
Basic ship electrical domestic wiring 3 days
Cargo Handling System 3 days
Damage Stability, Trim and List Analysis 3 days
Electricity for mechanical personnel 1 & 2 4 days
Exporting and Importing 3 days
Fiberglass boatbuilding and repair technology 10 days
Fundamental Project Management 4 days
Health, Safety & Environment 2 days
Hydraulic & electro hydraulic 4 days
Intact Stability Analysis 3 days
International Logistics 3 days
Introduction to Fiberglass works 3 days
Introduction to FLNG 2 days
Introduction to LNG Carrier 2 days
Marine Engineering & Marine Machinery, Competency Base Training (CBT) Module 1: Auxiliary Support System 3 days
Marine Engineering & Marine Machinery, Competency Base Training (CBT) Module 2: Boiler, HVAC & Refrigeration Plant, Sewage Treatment Plant, Oil Water 3 days
Marine Engineering & Marine Machinery, Competency Base Training (CBT) Module 3: Main Propulsion System, Hydraulic System and Machinery 4 days
Marine Insurance 3 days
Marine Knowledge for Non-Mariners 4 days
Motor starter and equipment 2 days
Operation & System Maintenance 8 days
Outboard engines: maintenance, troubleshooting & repair 4 days
Overview – Logistics Cost 1 day
Overview of Integrated Logistics 1 day
Periodical Boat Engine Maintenance (Preventive, Planning & Maintenance) 4 days
Port Legislation 1 day
Port Planning 1 day
Port Structure 2 days
Port System Overview 3 days
Principles of electrical and electronics system 8 days
Resin Infusion 3 days
Risk Management: Hazards Identification, Risk Assessment and Risk Control 3 days
Ship Electrical Management and Operations 3 days
Ship Hull New Construction and Repair in relation to IACS and SCS rules and Quality Standard
Ship Hydrostatic Calculation 3 days
Ship Inclining Experiment 3 days
Ship Model Tests Analysis (Total Resistance, Wave Resistance, Seakeeping and Maneuvering) 3 days
Ship Structures 3 days
Shipbuilding knowledge for non-naval architects “who works in the ship construction industries” 3 days
Shipping – Maritime Transport Operations 3 days
Surface Preparation 3 days
Water jet 4 days